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SUNDAYS 9:30AM ET* New Time!

Baby Bandstand™ has always strived to create a personalized experience for our students and their families. It has been a longtime goal of ours to create an online platform that not only provides quality content but also incorporates social and educational live interaction. Introducing...


 Baby Bandstand Broadcast


Baby Bandstand Broadcast provides children with speech and language enrichment through music in a live and interactive virtual format.  It is our goal for students to interact and engage with their instructors as well as other students for a live and direct Broadcast experience, instead of passive video viewing at home.


Using an easily accessed platform (Zoom), our students take part in live, 15 to 30 minute broadcasts. Students can see the instructor as well as other students who have turned their camera on.


While this online content is a supplement to our in-person classes, Baby Bandstand Broadcast is a brand new offering for our growing band that allows us to reach our students both near and far. Our Broadcasts are targeted for times of the day when children are craving engaging content at home (breakfast, pre-nap and bedtime).


Baby Bandstand Broadcast is a monthly, subscription-based service. Children will be able to attend unlimited live Broadcasts (we'll be going LIVE a minimum of 3 times per week and these live Broadcasts will be recorded and put into our content-library) and will also have full access to our growing pre-recorded content library.

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I just want to say "thank you" Alyssa, Andrew and the Baby Bandstand staff for the BB Broadcasts live! You have done such an amazing job with the singing, learning and content each week for my 2 year old. She loves watching all of your broadcasts and so happy with her instruments when you come on. It's amazing what your team is doing to entertain our little tots during these times. Keep up the great work and thank you! -Susan, Hoboken NJ

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