Virtual Class Membership
for children 0-5 years




provides children with speech and language enrichment through music in a live and interactive virtual format that encourages active participation.


Baby Bandstand Broadcast is a monthly, subscription-based service, where children are able to attend unlimited live broadcasts and have full access to the streaming library of past broadcasts and original content.


builds on your Broadcast subscription by offering an enhanced and hands-on way to engage with the Broadcast program. We deliver curated physical materials that directly align with the broadcast curriculum, all geared specifically toward speech and language enrichment through music.


Delivered monthly, each Broadcast Box contains quality items and products that are thoughtfully sourced and integrated into the live Broadcasts with the instructor.  Boxes include purpose-driven objects like instruments, books, educational toys, and speech enrichment activity cards with commentary from a licensed Speech Pathologist.  Beyond the Baby Bandstand Broadcast program, these unique items will live in your child’s toy box or on the bookshelf for at-home play anytime!

Our monthly membership program, Baby Bandstand Broadcast, offers live, interactive virtual classes along with specialty boxes delivered monthly that pair with our virtual curriculum!

Now you can play along with the band!

Our Virtual Baby Bandstand Broadcast Program is INCLUDED with your box!


*Please note: You do not need the box subscription plan in order to enjoy the

Baby Bandstand Broadcast membership program; 

We also offer subscription options for the online virtual membership only (box not included).

See our subscription page for plan options and information.

Order now for your first box to arrive in July 2021 by clicking below!

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1. Subscribe

To the "Broadcast + Box" plan*

2. Access

You will be given immediate access to Baby Bandstand Broadcast's virtual membership program where you can attend all live broadcasts (we offer 3 live, interactive virtual classes per week) and access all video library content! Members pages can be accessed HERE.

3. Delivered Monthly

A beautifully packaged and curated box will arrive at your doorstep that pairs with the upcoming month's Broadcasts.


All new orders must be placed by the 24th of the month in order to receive the upcoming month's box. For example: in order to receive the January box, new orders must be placed by December 24th. All new orders placed after December 24th will receive the February box. Please email if you need to receive your box earlier and we will do our best to accommodate!

4. Play Along

Use your new box materials LIVE alongside our Baby Bandstand team as well as with original content created specifically for the box of the month!

Children will be able to see both the instructor as well as the other children in the virtual classroom that choose to have their camera on!



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>  Baby Bandstand Broadcast Monthly Membership:

Interactive, live, virtual classes 3x per week where your child can see both the instructor and other children! All classes are educational & filled with live music and activities. Unlimited access to our Broadcast video library is included.

>  A customized package arriving at your door every  month with hand-picked items that pair with live Broadcasts & videos


Each box includes: (see picture of sample box)

>  Unique musical instruments

>  Books that pair with our themes of the month

>  Articulation cards from a Speech Pathologist

>  Matching video content to use with your new gifts!






I just want to say "thank you" to the Baby Bandstand staff for the BB Broadcasts live! You have done such an amazing job with the singing, learning and content each week for my 2 year old. She loves watching all of your broadcasts and so happy with her instruments when you come on. It's amazing what your team is doing to entertain our little tots. Keep up the great work and thank you!


-Susan, Hoboken NJ