Looking for a socially distant  festive musical experience?

Baby Bandstand now provides



for children 0-6 years



1. You pick the place to watch: Any outdoor location where we are easily able to spread out for social distancing purposes such as a park, your driveway, your lawn: social distancing is key! 

2. For Trunk Shows: we hop in our car and pull up to the outside of your home. For all other outdoor parties: We meet you at your chosen destination if cars are not applicable!

3. For Trunk Shows: We open our trunk/sun roof and provide live entertainment from the roof of our car while your kids sing along from the driveway, porch or front lawn. For all other outdoor parties: We spread out in a semi-circle (6 ft apart) and jam out with your guests!

4. Add ons available: 

These can be purchased at time of booking or anytime leading up to the event by emailing us at info@babybandstand.com


  • Goodie Bags $8 per bag (maraca, noise maker, bubbles & stickers)

  • Roadie Bags $25 per bag (“I’m in the Band” tote with instruments, props, puppets & books specially curated for our program!)

  • “I’m in the Band” T-Shirt $15 

  • Visit babybandstand.com/shop to view some of these items

Our shows are 45 minutes long, filled with live music, props, instruments and puppets, and customized to your little one. You'll hear original Baby Bandstand tunes and everything from Wheels on the Bus  to Shake it Off!  As always, if your little one has a favorite song(s), please let us know! 

What's included:

  • 45 minutes of live, professional music with a BB performer on guitar, ukulele and vocals

  • Engaging entertainment and activities to get you on your feet & dancing!

  • Props, puppets and games

  • Bubble Time! 

Please note: Baby Bandstand performers will not come in direct contact with anyone during these shows and we will remain 6 feet away from you and your guests. Parents are responsible for providing a socially distant and safe environment for their children as well as their guests! At this time we won't be offering these shows for large groups. We are providing this entertainment in a safe and socially distant manner for families looking for entertainment for small parties and events.  We're very excited to make music with you!!


PRICING: $250 for a 45 minute trunk show/outdoor event (local areas) 

*Pricing available upon request for locations outside of towns where we typically hold our classes. Please fill out our booking form!