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Baby Bandstand provides music enrichment programs for children 0-6 years and their caregivers. Created by a professional singer with a BFA in drama & credits in speech-language pathology and a speech-language pathologist, Baby Bandstand believes in using music to help children form an early foundation for strong speech, literacy, language and social skills.


Baby Bandstand offers mixed age classes for infants, babies & toddlers 0-5 years, as well as infant classes 0-18 months. All classes are filled with live music including guitar, ukulele and more! We incorporate speech and language enrichment activities, musical book time, story boards, instrument investigation, body identification, letter of the day, music word of the day, visual teaching materials, basic sign language, puppet friends, and bubbles! Our Big Kid Bandstand Ukulele classes for older children, 3-6 years, include ukulele lessons & songwriting! Our Bandstand Birthday Entertainment is for children 0-6 years and we include songs for adults and kids of all ages to enjoy!

We offer multiple classes for different age groups to meet the needs of our students. No matter if the class is age specific or mixed ages, every Baby Bandstand class is catered to the children attending as our teachers point out educational objectives along the way that are appropriate for each specific age group. Additionally, our mixed age classes allow our younger students to learn from and be inspired by watching the older children, and our older students to gain confidence and leadership skills.  We are always creating new material to keep our classes fresh, innovative and exciting! 

*This program is meant to provide engaging music activities with an emphasis on early speech/language development. Baby Bandstand classes are not designed to diagnose or treat communication disorders. You can access the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's website at for communication disorder resources!

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