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Welcome to BB Blog- Reviews With a Musical Twist! First Up: Musical Lili Llama from Manhattan Toy

Hey there, bandmates! Alyssa here, creator/owner of Baby Bandstand and Mom to 15 month old Luke, my zany, incredibly energetic, "challenged" sleeper (eek!) and all around happy-go-lucky kid.

Since creating Baby Bandstand 3 years ago, and especially within these last 15 months with Luke, I've spent lots of time searching for items that are the best of the best when it comes to music enrichment activities, instruments and speech & language tools. These gems are hard to come by. There are so many to choose from and it's easy to just pick the first item we see on a list...only to get it home and realize it's not-so-hot.

That's where BB Blog comes in. I'll be featuring my favorite products, toys + even items for us moms that I absolutely love. Hopefully they will become fast favorites in your household, too! I'll be posting videos that won't be your average product reviews...I'll show you (and your tiny bandmate) unique ways to use these products utilizing exercises and activities that go along with our BB songs and videos! I'll also be featuring posts from my amazingly talented mother, Suzanne, a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) for 30+ years, who has always inspired me with her creative ideas to get kiddos talking up a storm! You guys are gonna looove her.

Best thing about BB Blog? Monthly GIVEAWAYS! Each month I'll be giving away one of the products I've featured during that month. For info on the Giveaways: follow @babybandstand on Instagram + Facebook, and/or subscribe to the Baby Bandstand YouTube channel! Then for each giveaway, I'll be posting about how to **Tag friends and comment** on Baby Bandstand's Instagram and/or Facebook posts to officially enter the giveaway. Each comment and tag gets you an extra entry!

If you have any topics you'd like to hear about or products you've been searching for with no luck, shoot me an email and I'll get on it! I am beyond excited to see what #awesomebbfind I'll come across next and I hope you'll take the ride with me. xo, A

Make sure to scroll to the end of all posts to watch the videos that go along with the product reviews!


For my first review:

Check out this gorgeous wooden musical toy from Manhattan Toy called Musical Lili Llama (#notsponseredjustlove). This toy is a music teacher & SLP's dream! Lili the Llama is loaded with different ways to make music PLUS adorable picture spinners that make great convo starters & encourage pointing for your littles. To top it off, it's a beautifully crafted wooden toy. My fave.

It was fun watching Luke discover all there is to Lili. He spent lots of time turning the gears and shaking the adorable maraca tail. But once he found the mallets & xylophone, there was no turning back. Hasn't stopped since!

Some other perks of this item? It's a $50 price point for a quality toy and definitely a great gift for a first birthday. Plus according to their website, The Manhattan Toy Company strives to use wood from sustainable forests for all of their wood toys and they utilize thoroughly tested, water-based paints on all wood toys. LOVE it.

Luke & I took Lili the Llama to new heights with a little jam sesh and speech activity. Watch below and SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW to see more like this and to get info on our MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS!

Grab your own Lili the Llama or something to jam with at home and sing along with us!

(First 4 minutes of the vid are product review + at 4 minutes we start the songs & activities!)

More to come, friends!!



Pick up your own Musical Lili Llama or give it as the perfect gift here:

(This is not a sponsored post, we just love this product!)

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