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Video Musical Review: Plan Toys Banjo from The Village

Hi, Bandmates! As I said in my previous post: The Village- a play cafe/shop in Edgewater NJ, has a sweet front-of-store and online shop selling sustainable + natural toys and gifts. See below for my video review of one of their products- a cute little toy Banjo by Plan Toys. (Read on to get discount code at the end of this post!)

While this little guy isn't an actual banjo (doesn't tune!), it certainly provides a nice intro to the string instrument world for children 3+! The perfect size for Luke, he was able to handle this banjo with ease. Honestly, this kid was grinning from ear to ear and wouldn't put it down. I couldn't even get a pic of him sitting still since he was clearly in banjo heaven ::see pics::

I definitely recommend this for children looking for some pretend-play fun while growing comfortable with handling a string instrument.

See the full video review and musical activity below! Head to the 3 minute mark to watch a little instructional on how to hold and strum the banjo followed by some jam time with baby Luke!

Get 10% off your entire purchase at The Village by using the code BABYBANDSTAND at checkout! Shop Plan Toys' Banjo + more items at The Village HERE

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